Quality & Safety


Within the AXIS Pipeline Construction group and affiliate companies, we are proud that Quality of Workmanship and Quality Management is ISO compatible and comparable.  Each AXIS company is committed to delivering its services on time and to the highest quality of workmanship in the safest manner achievable. We strive to exceed clients’ expectations in every respect.

Quality control procedures are applied at all critical and non-critical points in the welding and fabrication process.

We ensure that our staff (both full time and contracted) has the necessary qualifications, experience, and commitment, thus delivering our services to the highest level of project execution.

We have formalized QA procedures in place. We actively review them on a regular basis to ensure continued improvement and maintenance of the highest quality standards.


We communicate the AXIS corporate group’s commitment to Health, Safety and Environmental policies, (as well as other company policies, such as the Drug and Alcohol policy) to all new personnel, either as part of initial induction or by inclusion in contract documents. These policies are displayed and strictly enforced at all of our project locations.

AXIS is dedicated to maintaining the highest safety standards possible, with the objective of preventing injury to employees and damage to property. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to practice safe working habits, and we continually improve our safe and responsible practices. AXIS does this by initial and advanced training, auditing, and allowing a free and open response in a no-blame culture. AXIS supports every employee’s right to stop a project if unsafe conditions exist. We promote open communication between employees, management, and client. Our goal is for all employees to return safely to their families after work.

We constantly strive to improve HSE performance globally, through all our operations.  We emphasize the reduction of all incidents – both to personnel and equipment.  Our safety record is clearly visible through the analysis of our performance.

The AXIS corporate group is committed to an inclusive work force who will achieve measureable safety goals while providing quality workmanship, throughout our entire organization.

At AXIS, Safety and Quality of workmanship go hand and hand.